How To create Banner Using Animate CC

Animate cc is advance version of flash professional , To many flash is dead , but flash is as live as ever, Adobe has come up with a more advance version know as animate cc which is capable of doing html5 animations , swf , android , IOS and others. Those who are comfortable with flash professional will find this software really easy to work. However animate CC has not gained much popularity yet. May be because people have a mind set that flash is gone and so are it’s versions. Adobe should promote this software a bit more and in a new way. This is software is going to rock.

To Create Html5 Banner using animate cc

This video is simple to understand , though it has indian accent .


Steps :

  1. Open animate cc
  2. Select Html Canvas
  3. Choose the size of the banner ( right click , select document and enter the size)
  4. Create Your banner.
  5. Using tween / motion or shape to animate your banner
  6. Publish your file
  7. Done!


    1. You should learn animate cc first , it is more like photohsop , you can add/edit colors quite easily. You need to learn animate cc basics before starting to make a banner.

  1. This will use for GDN. Regarding adwords policy, maximum duration of HTML is 30 seconds. So how do we need to limit time in Google Web Design? Or Google Team will automatically understand that thing?

    1. First you need to learn basics of Google Web Designer, How frame works , Frame rate is displayed on each frame, you can easily come to know how long your animation has gone, To create banner you must have basic knowledge of photohshop and Google Web designer or related software like animate cc or adobe edge.

  2. How to rate the price of the banner …and do the design of the poster play the significant role or the quality and the meaning plays the main role for pricing these banners…?

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